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A new day in banking

The future of finance is personal. It's deeply integrated with banking services you trust and the brands you know and love.

At Bond, we're giving brands and banks the ability to work together safely at scale so they can serve their customers like never before.

This time it's personal

There was a time when our banking relationships were highly personal; we visited a local branch and we were greeted by name. Over time, those relationships have been replaced by ATM machines. We believe the proliferation of technology brings with it the opportunity to revive the power of personalization in banking. Today, brands know their customers better than ever before, while banks know the regulatory requirements to make safe and scalable products. Bond is bringing these worlds together to accelerate the pace of innovation and create more personal and compliant financial products. We can’t wait to see what happens next.

Our team

Founded by industry veterans with deep roots in banking, enterprise-grade technology and fintech, our team is poised to lead the industry into the next wave of financial innovation

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Our principles

Founded by industry veterans with deep roots in banking, enterprise-grade technology and fintech, our team is poised to lead the industry into the next wave of financial innovation


Earn our customers’ trust by solving the problems that matter. See challenges as opportunities. Create value by removing complexity. Deliver delight to customers from the first interaction onward.  


Bring your whole self to work. Champion those around you and make each other better. Celebrate shared successes. Hire, retain, and build a culture that's a magnet for incredible people. Diverse teams and perspectives win. 


Take the time to write down stuff that matters. Be authentic and thoughtful. Share it all -- mistakes, learnings, wins and losses. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Don’t say anything behind someone’s back that you would not say to them directly. 


Get in the driver’s seat. Operate with a sense of urgency. Never say "that's not my job" and don’t wait to be asked. You are empowered to make our company better. There's no rule book for building great companies. Let’s figure it out together. 


Come ready to learn. Lean into your discomfort and challenge your implicit and explicit assumptions. Get to the root cause by asking why. Exercise strong judgment by zooming in and zooming out. Be right a lot, but be willing to admit when you're wrong and learn from it.


There’s a time to debate and a time to act. Agree upfront on who’s the decision maker. Respectful and rigorous debate leads to better and faster decisions. When a decision is made, it's time to commit.

Board of Advisors

Thoughtful guidance from seasoned leaders of industry and finance

Our investors

We’re proud that our investors include some of the brightest minds in technology and finance. They are members of our extended team - and they’ve joined us on our mission to make banking personal again.


Founder & CEO, Zoom


Chairman & CEO, Coupa


Board Director, Mastercard; former CEO, Citi Consumer


CEO, Nextdoor; former CFO, Square


Partner, Softbank


Founder & CEO, Flexport


Former Capital Lead and Executive Chair, Square Financial Services

Our technology partners

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FinTech Fast Track
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