Embedded Credit

Launch credit cards and charge cards quickly and easily

Give your customers credit for their loyalty and trust in your brand with virtual or physical cards

Some of the great companies building on Bond
Underwriting and Risk Management

You know your customers best. Create customized credit products that suit their needs. From building a credit policy to assigning appropriate line sizes and repayment schedules, Bond streamlines the process so you can focus on growing your business.

Servicing & Repayment

Tailor repayment via daily, weekly or monthly repayment options. If your customer is a business, align repayments with their sales cycle and grow alongside them. 

Capital & Funding

Get access to low-cost capital to fund your credit products through Bond's network of banking and lending partners.

Speed-to-market & Safety

Financial products are complex and technology is constantly changing. Test, launch, and adjust as needed in a safe and compliant environment. Drive product changes through real-time data and analytics by monitoring transactions and behavior.