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We’re always looking to leverage technology to better serve our patients and our employees at TMC. With our integration into Bond’s embedded finance platform, we're dramatically simplifying expense management for our employees through an innovative app that saves TMC money — money that can be put into other aspects of our mission to become the world leader in life science innovation.

Odero Otieno
CTO in Residence, Texas Medical Center

Bond is a one-stop-shop; if we’re going to be our own program manager, we’d have to do it all on our own. It would’ve been a real headache. Bond stepped in and made it not only easy to build with their APIs, but enabled us to understand industry’s best practices and our responsibilities.

Christian Zimmerman
Co-founder + CEO, Qoins

Bond has been super supportive at helping us launch in the US without even being able to come to the US in person. That’s really the key — being able to have two parties who want to make it happen where decisions are made quickly, where iteration is fast, and where there is focus.

Cristina Vila Vives
Co-founder + CEO, Cledara

We’re building a very complicated product with lots of moving pieces — every problem has multiple solutions — so I’m happy to work with a group that is quick to respond, transparent, and proactive. Perhaps, most importantly, I feel like I can turn to Bond for brainstorming, truly forming a partnership model that co-creates our products in real time.

Aram Muradyan
Head of Product, Squire

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