Donde Uses Embedded Finance to Transform Paychecks into Passports

Donde is a Travel-as-a-benefit company helping employers make it easy for their employees to save for and book travel experiences. With Donde, employees save for travel directly from their paychecks into a Donde Wallet. Employers can match those Donde Funds to enhance the benefit as a differentiated employee perk. Employees can then purchase flights, hotels, experiences etc., from Donde's marketplace or anywhere online and spend their travel savings while on vacation using the Donde Everywhere Card.

Products Used
Commercial Deposit Accounts
Consumer Deposit Accounts
Bond Issuing: Virtual Cards
Consumer Charge Card

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The Challenge

Donde needed a partner that could help them deliver a cost-effective and best-in-class solution that connected various stakeholders including employers, employees, their own marketplace as well as other travel related sellers such as hotels and car rental companies.

Selecting a provider that would allow them to execute this friction-free solution without having to commit additional resources to engineering, design and program management was critical.

The Solution

Bond designed a solution that leveraged our account creation APIs so that Donde could quickly open commercial deposit accounts for each of their customers as well as consumer deposit accounts for their participating employees. Both backed by the necessary logic to allow payroll deductions and employer matching.

Giving employees the flexibility to easily spend their savings wherever they wanted was a key criteria and through a combination of instant virtual card creation and physical card issuing, employees could pay for any travel related expense online or in-person.

Our Approach

Bond has been able to quickly deploy its embedded financial solutions across a variety of industries and use cases thanks to the built-in robustness and flexibility of our APIs combined with our team’s dedication to work with our clients and understand all aspects of your business model.

Bond understood that Donde required the implementation of a hybrid consumer and commercial program that would allow them to deliver on their promise. By leveraging our account-to-account transfer model we facilitated instant and free money movement between the employer and the employee. 

In the travel and entertainment space, credit has particular advantages since debit cards are generally less accepted by hotels and car rental companies. As the leading implementer of credit programs, Bond was able to develop Donde’s program on credit rails which would ensure maximum acceptance and use. 

At Bond, our goal is to make even complicated integrations feel easy and painless.


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