Bond C3 - for businesses

5x your revenue with a commercial charge card, without writing code

Unlock a new revenue stream with credit interchange and use transaction data to hone marketing targeting and decrease CAC all while growing customer loyalty.


Focus on earning more revenue and growing customer loyalty, all the while leaving compliance and the technical build to our experienced team

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Earn interchange revenue

Benefit from interchange revenue along with the value of a fully built out expense management tool

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Understand your customer‘s transaction data

Access full level one transactional data that will give you spending habit insights into your customers. Target your ideal persona and increase customer acquisition efficiency.

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Leave compliance to us

We’ve done the heavy lifting and taken on the burden of the card issuer, the card manufacturer, the network, and the bank relationships

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Grow customer loyalty

Offer rewards or cash back on business related purchases and keep your customer’s commercial card top of mind

Your one stop shop

Create a fully built out commercial charge card on Bond and get you to market faster

Expense/Spend Management

Gain insights into your ideal target audience through their spending transactions. Offer your customers virtual corporate cards to manage their expenses and give you full visibility into how they spend.

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SMB Neobanks

Provide your customers with a credit limit to help them build their businesses while adding another revenue source and collecting interchange revenue.You can now use Bond’s white label commercial charge card to prove product market fit for a credit solution.

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Vertical SaaS

You know your merchants best. Let their transaction data give you insights into how where and when they spend to better understand your ideal prospect and reduce CAC. Give them access to credit lines while you collect the interchange.

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Zero dollars on engineering
One week go to market
Fast & Affordable

Bond White Label is the only full commercial credit card solution that doesn’t require you to write a line of code

How it works

Create a fully built out commercial charge card on Bond and get you to market faster.

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Case study

Cledara grew Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) 35% by offering a commercial credit card, built on Bond

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Ready to launch in one week?

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