From Digital Advice to Physical Presence: NerdWallet’s Now Truly in Your Wallet

NerdWallet is a financial services company that provides tools and advice on various financial topics such as credit cards, mortgages, insurance, loans, and banking. NerdWallet's mission has been to provide clarity for all of life's financial decisions, and they've aimed to do this by offering both tools to compare financial products and editorial content to educate users.

Products Used
Embedded App
Consumer Deposit Accounts
Credit Builder Card

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The Challenge

Nerdwallet wanted to leverage their strong association with financial products by offering one of their own. This would allow them to deepen engagement with their users as well as generate new revenue streams. Nerdwallet did not have large in-house engineering and development resources and little experience in managing a card program. They needed a partner who could help them integrate the offer into their current UX and launch this new product with minimal resources and disruption. 

The Solution

Launching a card program comes with sign up flows, KYC, account opening, card issuing and other regulatory requirements. It can be a lot to develop, design, test and implement. Understanding that many companies do not want to invest in the resources to do this the traditional way, we developed our embedded app. The embedded app slips right into your existing app and comes pre-loaded with optimized workflows and designs and everything you need to launch a successful card program. Using this approach, Nerdwallet was able to go live within a matter of weeks.


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