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Democratizing Access to Capital: Bond Expands Into Embedded Credit

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October 21, 2021
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New building blocks enable customers and their developers to build tailored credit solutions directly into their software.

SAN FRANCISCO, October 21, 2021 / — Bond Financial Technologies, Inc., the leading enterprise-grade platform for embedded finance, announces the availability of its latest product, Bond Embedded Credit. Current and new customers can now build and launch personalized credit products with a single integration, including underwriting, risk management, servicing, and compliance. Embedded Credit, coupled with other Bond products such as Embedded Accounts, Embedded Cards, and Embedded Money Movement, creates the foundational building blocks that support a wide range of financial use cases. 

“The demand for embedded credit is incredibly strong,” said Roy Andrew Ng, CEO and Co-founder of Bond. “While bank accounts, money movement, and debit cards are foundational, many in the market are looking to build multi-product solutions for their users on a single integrated embedded finance platform. We see neobanks, vertical SaaS companies, workforce and spend management, gig platforms, marketplaces, and many others prioritizing credit for that reason.”

Data is critical to credit and decisioning. Bond invested heavily in a robust data platform from day one. The ability to combine conventional and alternative data sets to better understand a borrower’s creditworthiness is key to democratizing access to capital.

Cledara, a UK-based SaaS purchasing and management platform, is Bond’s first embedded credit customer. Cledara selected Bond for their entry to the US market over other Banking-as-a-Service platforms specifically because of Bond’s unique credit and data capabilities. Launching their SaaS Management platform enabled by a credit product was key for Cledara in providing greater value to US customers in the form of access to capital and enhanced rewards incentives.  

“I’m a big believer in embedding financial services into customer experiences,” explained Cristina Vila Vives, CEO and Co-founder of Cledara. “Bond’s embedded solution allows us to begin helping US companies get a hold of their spiraling software investments, with the confidence of their robust underlying technology and amazing operational support. We cannot wait to begin this journey together”.

Cledara is the first of many companies that have signed with Bond to build embedded credit solutions. Other companies include a Y Combinator startup aiming to take on the competitive affluent segment with a charge card for high net-worth individuals who want access to unique, ultra-high-end experiences and concierge services; a Techstars company looking to offer a credit-building card for international students who are new to credit in the US; a San Francisco-based startup helping SMBs manage their finances by building a fully integrated business credit card. In addition, Bond currently has many companies on a waitlist looking to build and launch embedded credit solutions for their users. 

“Expanding into embedded credit is truly a game-changer for the industry,” said Steve Freiberg, member of Bond’s advisory board, who also serves on the boards of Mastercard and SoFi. “Bond’s potential to transform the embedded finance industry is incredible. They have the people, the technology, and the infrastructure to do for financial services what AWS did for computing."

Bond’s suite of credit APIs and services — including KYC, KYB, card issuance, underwriting, risk management, funding, and debt servicing — removes friction for Bond’s customers and their developers, which allows greater speed-to-market, personalization, and oversight. The Bond team brings a wealth of knowledge to build the future of finance by leveraging their experience from institutions such as Square, Goldman Sachs, American Express, PayPal, Affirm, and SoFi.

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About Bond: 

Bond is a financial technology company that enables organizations from any industry to create personalized financial experiences for their customers and communities. Using Bond’s software and API platform, developers can embed next-generation financial products into amazing customer experiences. Bond’s modern, enterprise-grade developer platform orchestrates the critical infrastructure companies need to build, launch, and scale these personalized financial products. Bond was founded in 2019 by industry veterans from Twilio, SoFi, SAP, Goldman Sachs, and Blackrock, with deep roots in enterprise software, technology, and financial services. The company has raised $42M in funding to date from institutional investors including Canaan, Coatue, Goldman Sachs, and Mastercard, and maintains key offices in San Francisco (HQ), New York City, and Salt Lake City. Visit

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