Partner Spotlight: Atomic’s Series A Announcement!

Zach Anderson Pettet
Date Published
October 14, 2021
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Congrats to our friends at Atomic for raising a $22 million Series A!

The only thing better than good things happening to you is good things happening to your friends. Our friends and partners at Atomic announced their $22 million Series A this week.

“We created Atomic to help the most financially vulnerable members of our society access transparent financial services that they can trust,” shared Jordan Wright, Atomic’s CEO, in Atomic’s post announcing the Series A

We won’t pontificate on the impact that Atomic is having and what feats Bond and Atomic can accomplish together...because we already did. 

Jump back in time to our Interchange conversations with the Atomic Team. 

We chatted with Jordan Wright on “the what and why of Atomic” and we recently announced our partnership with Atomic in a conversation with Lindsay Davis, Head of Markets at Atomic. 

Big congrats to our friends at Atomic. Here’s to a brighter fintech future!! 🥂