Introducing Bond Portal

Team Bond
Date Published
April 19, 2022
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Say hello to Bond Portal!

Building financial products for customers requires a high level of technical knowledge, a plethora of resources, and most importantly — time. Bond’s embedded finance platform has been committed to simplifying that process since Day 1 and our latest release is another step forward in making Bond the easiest to use, most trusted, embedded finance platform around.

We’re so excited to share our new Bond Portal, an easy-to-use dashboard and suite of tools that consolidates everything you need to manage your program with Bond—all in one place. Our guided onboarding, performance dashboards, and transactions monitoring tools give you everything you need to take your customers’ experience to the next level. Portal has multiple uses for many different teams, whether it’s Developers, Product Managers, or Business Operations.

Executive Summary on the Analytics page

For Product teams, Bond Portal will offer tools to test and set up the program — while gaining insight into their performance through the dashboard and highlighted transaction data. Product Managers can track the performance of the entire customer journey, from KYC to account creation to card activation directly in Portal, and segment their customers as needed.

Developers have easy access to our developer tools in Bond Portal, making it simple to go live quickly by coding to our APIs, as well as having access to a toggle that allows you to go between “Live” and “Test” mode. Portal makes it easy to get set up and onboard with intuitive workflows that manage all of the documents, policies, and approvals to launch your financial product to your customers.

List of transactions in Bond Portal

Business Operations will have access to practical and essential tools for account and customer management, and can access customer transactions data, and in the near future, will be able to access customers, cards, and bank data. Portal offers the ability to filter over a variety of fields such as dates, transaction types, statuses, and personal information, then generate reports so that you can thoroughly investigate any potentially suspicious activity.

Bond Portal is just one step toward making embedded finance uncomplicated and as easy as the click of a button. Keep an eye out for upcoming updates to Portal, as well as many other exciting products that we have planned for the rest of the year (especially in the summer!).

Interested in learning more? Contact Bond. Ready to go? Jump into our Portal and start building your own fintech in our sandbox!