Explainer: Money Movement

Team Bond
Date Published
May 1, 2023
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Creating accounts for your customers is the first step toward money movement. Money movement, the ability to move money into and out of an account, is at the core of any financial solution and Bond’s platform makes these movements simple to initiate and monitor.

Every account created on the Bond platform comes with a unique account number and a routing number related to the sponsor bank that supports your program.

What is Money Movement?

Money movement refers to the process of transferring or managing funds, and facilitating financial transactions within a broader financial ecosystem and in modern services is facilitated through technology and APIs. 

Money movement includes a wide range of financial activities, including payments, transfers, investments, lending, and more. Banking-as-a-Service platforms like Bond help businesses integrate these financial capabilities directly into their existing applications and services, making them accessible to users without requiring them to use separate financial platforms.

What Can You Do With Money Movement?

Money movement enables various types of activities which include:

1. Payments: Facilitating payments between customers, businesses, or users within an application. This can involve peer-to-peer transfers, bill payments, or any other form of financial transactions.

2. Transfers: Enabling the transfer of funds between different accounts, including cross-border transfers and bank-to-bank transfers.

3. Digital Wallets: Integrating digital wallet functionality for storing and managing funds within an application.

4. Investment and Savings: Providing tools for users to invest or save money within the application, often through partnerships with financial institutions or fintech companies.

5. Loan and Credit Services: Offering loans, credit lines, or other lending products to users directly through the platform.

Let’s Dive Into Transfers

A common thread running through all the capabilities mentioned before is the ability to facilitate transfers. Given the importance of transfers to money movement, let’s dive into the different types of transfers made possible via Bond’s platform.

ACH Transfers

ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers can be initiated between an account created on Bond’s platform and an externally linked bank account. Bond’s platform allows account holders to link an external bank account by using services such as Plaid which make instant account verification possible. 

Once an external account is linked and the platform has access to account and routing number information as verified by Plaid, ACH transfers become available.

A Standard ACH transfer allows an account holder to move the whole or part of their available balance to the linked account. Similarly, an ACH transfer gives the account holder the ability to move money from a linked external account into their account created via the Bond platform.

In embedded finance, ACH transfers are often used to facilitate the initial deposit into a new account. All ACH transfers are subject to maximum limits which vary by bank.

Instant Transfers

Instant transfers can be facilitated between two accounts created via the Bond platform and that are part of the same program. This is often referred to as an account-to-account transfer.

A great example of this is Uber. Uber’s drivers wanted to get paid faster than standard ACH would allow, so Uber had them create branded accounts that came with branded debit cards. This allowed Uber to bypass ACH and pay their drivers via instant transfers. Aside from the speed, another advantage of Instant Transfers is that they are typically free.

Recurring Transfers

Recurring transfers are simply transfers, standard ACH or Instant, between two specified accounts for a set value that reoccur over a set period of time. This type of transfer is ideal for recurring payments of the same amount like subscriptions, investments, savings and loans.


In the end, transfers are essential to money movement and Bond’s platform provides the ability for you to create justa bout any type of money movement that meets your needs. Talk to us about how we can help you create a financial solution that moves money for you and your customers.