No Days Like BONDAYS!

Marlon Dulay
Date Published
May 17, 2022
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Remote doesn't mean disconnected

The transition from working in an office every day to working fully remote has been a shift, to say the least, and, honestly, sometimes a challenge. Most of us have transitioned to a virtual work environment where our only interactions with other team members occur via video conferencing after time spent working in-person with our colleagues. We’ve missed out on organic relationship building and conversations that aren’t prompted by virtual happy hours or virtual game nights — which are all still great to have when the other option is nothing and then the team culture could potentially falter.

As we’re continuously learning new ways to build amazing company culture virtually, Bond additionally gave our team the option to meet and work in person — and it was AMAZING!

The Womxn of Bond enjoying lunch!

We recently hosted our first in-person company-wide event since the COVID-19 pandemic where Bonders met for three days which became our inaugural BONDAYS. This was completely optional, but most of our team took this opportunity to meet beyond the screen. As Head of Talent, I fully enjoyed watching Bonders engage in meaningful conversations, team up for planning and brainstorming sessions, break bread together, learn about each other on a different level, and even compete in a competitive-but-friendly game of basketball. I was able to see our company core values, known as our Bond DNA, come to real life — not virtual!

Mohit Vasudeva and Jon Summers take it to the court!

Bond will continue to be a remote-first company because it fits the lifestyles of our Bonders, providing better balance between careers and lives outside of work. We’ll also continue to host BONDAYS and build upon the relationships we’ve created and fostered. Truly, I’ve never been more excited to build such an astounding company!

Want to be part of the next BONDAYS? Reach out to me at! We’re hiring across multiple functions and roles so come accelerate your career journey with Bond!

BONDers enjoying the photo booth at inaugural BONDAYS!