Introducing: Bond Instant — Issue Your Own Card in 5 Clicks

Team Bond
Date Published
July 27, 2022
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Experience Bond now — in under five minutes.

With Bond Instant, you’re able to issue yourself a live card in just five clicks. Bond has pre-deposited $10 onto each card in order to test your new card right away anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Bond Instant is a real-life example of the wealth of Bond’s APIs platforms — including compliance, bank account creation, card issuance and money movement. Requiring no engineering work, Bond Instant permits prospective clients to experience a live Bond card and the power of our embedded banking platform.

Using Bond’s APIs, Bond Instant simulates an embedded banking experience that allows you to build customized experiences for your users and is an experience for you to try out our platform. You’re able to use our underlying APIs to create a customer object, run KYC to verify your identity (yes, you can fail KYC here!), open a bank account and issue a card associated with that account. All in five clicks.

Once your virtual card is issued, start to spend that $10 that’s been pre-loaded onto the card. As you spend, you’ll see transactions instantly displayed and our pre-built analytics will come to life within the Bond Portal — where Bond clients manage their card and bank programs with Bond. You’ll also experience our transaction querying capabilities as well as pre-built analytics.

Start imagining how you’d launch your project and then navigate and scale out your program with Bond Portal. Use Bond’s data dashboard to keep track of your program’s activity, as well.

“I asked the team, ‘I want to issue a credit card in four clicks.’ Even though they got there in one extra click, I’m happy with the outcome,” laughed Helcio Nobre, Chief Product Officer at Bond.  “This is really groundbreaking and enables many new to embedded finance to experience Bond.”

Whether you want to add a credit builder card to your existing offerings or a simple bank account that enables money movement, Bond Instant gives you a glimpse into Bond’s robust and thoughtful data platform and how simple it can be to embed financial products for your customers with our APIs and tools. No matter your starting point, you can start to build it…in five simple clicks.

Interested in? Contact us to learn more or try it out for yourself!