Women of Bond: Lu Zhang

Women of Bond: Lu Zhang

As our team has shifted to remote work over the past three weeks, we feel more appreciation than ever for our colleagues and the mission we’re on together. And though the world looks very different today than it did three weeks ago, March is still Women’s History Month; we are excited to highlight the inspiring women at Bond, starting with Lu Zhang, Senior Frontend Engineer.

Why did you choose to work for Bond?

Lu Zhang (LZ): I was attracted to Bond because I felt that the company’s mission was super inspiring and I loved the company’s ambition to create more financial inclusion in our society. It was also obvious that the founders were very focused on building the team culture from the first day.

How are you adjusting to the work from home reality?

LZ: Adjusting as best I can like most of us that are able to move to remote work. I’ve really been enjoying our weekly virtual all hands and team events — we even held a virtual movie night! Our team is still making time to meet for virtual coffees and we decided to chronicle our remote time with a team picture each week via Zoom. We added in a Slack channel that is dedicated to making sure we are supporting each other mentally during this time — not only in our professional lives but personal ones, as well. I also appreciate that Bond is providing the opportunity for our team to set up our home workstations with a monitor, keyboard and mouse so we can work at our best capacity.

Your favorite activity or thing about the Bay Area?

LZ: I love to go hiking and recently moved to the Bay Area, so looking forward to experiencing the many hikes here. The Old Rag hike in Shenandoah National Park is one of my favorites though!

What did you want to be when you grew up?

LZ: I grew up in China and have always wanted to be in a position to lead and serve as an example for other women. Eventually, I would love to leave a positive impact on others, and maybe even bring my leadership skills I learned back home to enable and help young women. I would like to have some positive impact on what I do — what I love.

Name a woman who has had the most impact on your life and why.

LZ: Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I am inspired by her life story and her successes. She took every opportunity that she had to stand up and fight for gender equality and women’s rights.

Take a minute to promote or highlight some of your favorite women in leadership.

LZ: Going to name a few of my colleagues who continue to change the game for women in their respective engineering fields: Shu Li, Mingli Cai, Rong Zhou, Xuanyu Liu, Lu Liu.

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