Women of Bond: Brittney Harvey

Women of Bond: Brittney Harvey

Continuing to highlight our teammates though this Women of Bond Series, we want to introduce Brittney Harvey, our Talent Acquisition Associate. Joining us recently from SoFi, Brittney helps run a tight Talent ship while we scale and adds to our company-wide initiatives.

Why did you choose to work for Bond?

Brittney Harvey (BH): What initially drew me to Bond was the awesome team. The co-founders all have impressive backgrounds and were building a great team. Their early focus on building out a Talent Acquisition team showed me the value they place on continuing to add to their talented team in a scalable way. Throughout my interview process, I really got a peek into the dynamic culture here. It’s so refreshing to see a company that actually puts actions behind core values.

How are you adjusting to the WFH reality?

BH: Bond is one of the first companies I knew of to enforce a WFH policy in response to COVID-19. It’s been a pretty easy transition for me. Bond has been very supportive and flexible, also ensuring we all have a comfortable at-home desk setup with any tech we may need. Our new normal is my dog barking in the background of our All Hands while I’m speaking, but everyone is okay with that! Overall it’s been great to see how our culture translates to the remote work climate so well.

Your favorite activity or thing about the Bay Area?

BH: Mushroom foraging at Point Reyes followed by buffalo milk gelato in Point Reyes Station.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

BH: My parents always told me I could be anything I wanted to. So naturally I decided being a CEO would be the coolest job to have. Growing up I was part of many entrepreneurship and leadership groups like SAG’s young performers leadership committee and Junior Achievement, which Bond is an active supporter of, so it really brought this full circle for me.

Name a woman who has had the most impact on your life and why.

BH: My mom and grandma. These lovely ladies are incredibly resilient and unique individuals who follow their passions. Also, my grandma makes the best chocolate chip cookies of all time — which is ironic because she doesn’t usually eat them due to her diabetes!

Take a minute to promote or highlight some of your favorite women in leadership.

BH: Madeline Stuart (Instagram) — the world’s first supermodel with Down Syndrome who is an advocate for inclusiveness and diversity within modeling.
My good friend, Danni Hunt who has been successfully running her own production company and studio, Cup of Tea Productions, in LA for over 16 years!

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