Why I Joined Bond: Sophia Toh

Why I Joined Bond: Sophia Toh

From fintech, to fashion, to ecommerce, and just about everything in-between — modern customer experiences run on data and define our everyday interactions online. Data helps companies tailor experiences to their customer's preferences and anticipate their needs. It's how Instagram knows which products to show in your shopping feed, and how banks know which new financial products to offer their customers. 

Despite data being such a critical tool in the world of fintech, companies have struggled to find the right way to architect data systems in a manner that serves their users and their business.

If data isn't a priority from day one, it becomes an afterthought and that's where businesses run into trouble. They end up spending valuable time, and tremendous amounts of engineering effort building their data pipelines around their existing architecture, as opposed to building data systems alongside their architecture. 

At Bond, data has been a priority since day one. We're building a data architecture that's designed to serve more than one company or one customer. Bond is built to serve the entirety of fintech now, and into the future. That's why I'm incredibly excited to be Bond's Head of Data.

From A Pipeline to a Firehose 

Over my career, I've built Nike's first marketing database, I've developed the first in-house global marketing analytics discipline for Visa, and I've helped other companies put together solid, scalable data practices. 

At Bond, my commitment to quality data practices is the same, but the scope and scale of my work is quite different. Instead of crafting data pipelines meant to ferry and fetch data within one company, Bond is constructing a data platform for all fintech companies. 

Having a singular API that you can integrate with and suddenly have a wealth of data that you can put to work saves businesses an incredible amount of time and energy. This approach spares developers from crafting piecemeal data pipelines where they wired together individual APIs together just to get the information they needed.

The days of developers doing repetitive API integrations just to get the raw ingredients they need to improve an experience is over. Developers should focus on improving customer experiences and building the digital scaffolding that will support their company's future, not wrangling APIs that won't talk to each other. 

Those types of arduous processes prevent developers from gathering up-to-date insights that give businesses a snapshot of how they're serving their customers, and who their customers are. The problem we're solving is not simply how data gets point A to point B in the most efficient manner. We're also ensuring that journey happens in a fast, secure, scalable way so companies aren't using out of date information in their operations. 

Bond is essentially a firehose of data, giving developers a singular point of integration to get exactly what they need, while giving them the flexibility to use that data how they see fit. Bond makes critical processes like KYC or other essential compliance processes streamlined by putting all the information you need in one place.

Bond's data platform helps fintech companies as well as bank and brand partners leverage current data and business intelligence reporting to drive business decisions, optimize their customer acquisition, manage customer lifecycle events, and fine tune product experiences.

The future of fintech is powered by data. We're incredibly excited to help you put it to work.

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