Why I Joined Bond: Philip McKay

Why I Joined Bond: Philip McKay

It's easier to navigate the world of fintech when the person designing your journey has you in mind. As Bond builds a platform to unite banks and brands together and help them launch new financial products, design remains an absolutely integral part of that experience.

There's a challenge in getting a user from where they are in an onboarding flow, a web page, or any other experience, to where they want to be. It's something that requires equal parts engineering, problem solving, and art — and it's incredibly rewarding when you get it right.

Solving those problems and crafting ideal UX experiences is exactly what brought me to Bond as a Principal Designer. Now, I work alongside a brilliant team that collaborates to find the best avenue to connect with the customers and build the future of finance.

As Principal Designer, I am a customer advocate in a customer-first company. I’ll go to the mat to bring a customer their ideal solution when they're doing anything from launching a new credit card to moving through a KYC process. My work requires me to think fluidly, to be open, collaborative and encompassing in my design work and my thought process. For the past year, I’ve been working at Bond alongside a stellar team and we've been able to accomplish so much with that mindset.

From helping design Bond's system of record, Bond OS, to figuring out the UI for Bond Studio, we've worked to push Bond forward and build a bridge between banks and brands.

No ground breaking technology comes easy. But, our work is a little bit easier when we're all moving in the right direction and working together. One of Bond's core principles is "Drive with Passion" and that's a central tenet of my work here. It means that I might be driving the design of one project, but I'm working alongside experts to bring the full impact of that project to life.

So, when I'm wondering how to lay out one tiny visual element in the seventh screen of a compliance verification flow, I'm not alone. I have a compliance expert, a product manager, and engineers working alongside me to ensure what we're building is not only impactful, but tailored to a user's needs.

I believe each pixel should be crafted with understood intent. User experience  has to be thought of in detail because every tiny decision matters, especially in the world of fintech and especially when you're building a groundbreaking fintech platform.

I came to Bond to make bold decisions in order to build the next class of financial technology. With every challenge, there is a different solution. I strive to be scalable: not only in my team’s outputs, but also in my personal growth. I look forward to the optimism and artistry that wraps a solid process by creating connection to the customer. My journey with Bond to create an intuitive experience will be amazing.

If it sounds like the Bond platform could help you achieve your goals as a brand or fintech taking the next step, we’d love to hear from you. Check out our careers page and let’s chat!

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