Why I Joined Bond: Morgan Case

Why I Joined Bond: Morgan Case

I’m thrilled to be joining Bond as Head of Bank Program Management. I began my career building information technology and security solutions for corporations, hospitals, and financial institutions. These experiences led to the Utah industrial banking community, where I served in a wide variety of risk management, audit, and compliance leadership roles over the past 15 years. When asked what aspect of my career I enjoy most, my answer is always the same: I enjoy building. No matter the company or the role, I’m always looking for opportunities to build.

Being a good builder requires creativity combined with a competitive instinct and the courage to ask why. As a builder, I want to create something new and fresh. I want to redefine what is considered possible. This is where I feel most natural and find a sense of fulfillment in my work.

When I was introduced to Bond and its business, my first thought was, “Why did it take so long for someone to think of this?” I have worked with over two dozen bank/brand partnerships, and am familiar with the pain points for both sides. Bond’s approach creates a brand-new model that will eliminate current barriers while simplifying and improving risk and compliance management. Bond is literally redefining what is considered possible in this space. That gets me excited.

I was also impressed by Bond’s strong leadership and flexible, supportive culture. The founders communicated a clear, solid vision, and the team is smart and motivated. Everyone at Bond is an owner and it shows. The opportunity to work with and learn from them inspires me.

As Head of Bank Program Management for the strategic partnerships team, I’ll be a direct line with our banking partners to ensure our products and processes are efficient, effective, and fully aligned with their needs.

It’s a perfect opportunity to blend excellence and creativity with a disruptive, game-changing business and great people.

Let’s BUILD!

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