Welcome to Interchange at Bond - Bond's New Podcast

Welcome to Interchange at Bond - Bond's New Podcast

There’s something brewing at Bond. We’re launching a podcast! We are incredibly pleased to announce and introduce Interchange at Bond. You can hear a preview below and subscribe on Spotify or Apple Podcasts

Interchange is a place for conversation, questions and open learning about the future of embedded finance. We will interview leaders from every corner of the world of financial services technology and dig into what the future holds as fintech eats the world one byte at a time. 

Financial services is changing and evolving faster than it ever has. The space is busier than it’s ever been with funding rounds larger than we’ve ever seen. Fintech is going mainstream.

It’s becoming ubiquitous, but we’re not there yet. 

Buzzwords are pervasive, but what’s really happening? What’s really going to have an impact on the people who need these services at the end of the day? Are these just trends or are we truly witnessing a seismic shift in how we as humans will interact with financial services forever? 

From the start of fintech 1.0 to blockchains to finance finally meeting people where they live across the world, we’ll explore the stories of the leaders, technologists, and regulators building that future. 

This isn’t a one way dialogue; we want to start a conversation and we want to hear from you. Reach out to our host and producer at if you want to dive deeper, suggest topics or learn more about what we do at Bond. 

Otherwise, to learn more about Bond, you can always send us a note at!

Keep your eyes peeled for our first episode dropping soon!

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