Why I Joined Bond: Marlon Dulay

Why I Joined Bond: Marlon Dulay

Finding the right job shouldn't be left to chance. When you find the right position, it can change your professional, personal, or financial life. The gap between your current position and your new role can be daunting — it's a major decision to make the leap from one job to another. But, when you make the right one, you realize the trip was worth it.

Bond puts people first when they're making that exciting change from their previous job to Bond, where we're building the future of fintech. My aim is to give them a space to be their complete selves and to do their best work. As Bond's  Head of Talent Acquisition, I'm incredibly excited to further that mission. But first, we should cover how I found Bond.

So, how does a Talent professional find the right place for themselves? It can seem a bit like asking what a chef cooks at home. Call it algorithmic luck or serendipity, but sometimes the right job finds you. At least that was the case when I came across Bond.

I was intrigued when Bond popped up on my LinkedIn feed. I saw two AAPI co-founders building something that solves real problems and increases access to financial independence. I saw an industry that seemed like a wide-open field for innovation. And I met with an Executive Team with a proven track record of success. I thought to myself, "They're going to do it again. And they're going to do it better than they did last time." When I looked at the series of companies that they've impacted — Twilio, SoFi, Affirm,  Marqueta — I thought Bond could be next on that list.

When I hopped on the phone with co-founders Roy Ng and Yan Wu, things felt right. I saw the value prop ‘Put People First’ listed on the careers page and I experienced it in action. I shared what I hope to accomplish at Bond, the type of experience I want to craft for every team member, and how to do just that.

Now that I'm a part of Bond, I can't wait to put that plan to work.  

Finance is complicated; regulations are complex. Talent in fintech are experts at streamlining complex financial systems, ensuring compliance, and crafting customer-centric solutions that meet people where they are. Whether that's someone who is underbanked or someone who is overwhelmed with outdated software, Bond is customized specifically for them.

Understanding every new potential Bond teammate’s needs, priorities, and how fast or slow they want to move through the hiring process is key. If it's a match and they want to join, it's my job to make sure they have a tailor-made experience as they're navigating that new role, meeting new colleagues, and getting acquainted.

Building a safe space for someone to try, succeed, fail, and ask questions is all part of the process. Hiring is more than getting the right person into a role; it's about building pillars of culture and the foundation of a company that stretches well beyond the moment someone updated their LinkedIn profile (as I recently did).

If you would like to chat about Bond or a role that strikes your interest, I’d like to hear from you so feel free to reach out:

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