Why I Joined Bond: Jon Summers

Why I Joined Bond: Jon Summers

Everyone has some company, some brand or some business that's on the tip of their tongue. It might be the business you would recommend to a friend looking for new car insurance; it could be that mom and pop woodworking shop who made the coffee table you have in your living room. In either case, the thing that earned that company pole position on your list of recommendations is trust.

Purchase after purchase and year after year, that business won your loyalty. It might be difficult to pinpoint exactly when that snowball of trust started rolling downhill, growing along the way, but it's undoubtedly gathered enough momentum to make it the first company you'd recommend to a friend.

The unseen hand guiding that snowball of trust, especially in the world of finance, is compliance. My job is to protect and maintain that critical relationship of trust between a customer and the companies they love. As Director of Compliance at Bond, my goal is to build, scale and streamline the systems that not only protect customers but enable companies to better serve their customers. Bond is uniquely positioned to do just that.

But, before we dive in everything we're up to at Bond, it might help to rewind a few dozen years.

In 2006, I was a Bank Examiner focusing on compliance for the Federal Reserve of Chicago. I distinctly remember attending a financial conference where a speaker dubbed the early aughts as the "golden era" of banking, citing the anecdote that very few financial institutions had failed in the past decade as proof of that claim.

Then 2008 happened.

In the wake of one of the worst financial crises in modern times, banks, brands, compliance departments, the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and everyone in between realized that something very clearly had to change — fast.

And, all of a sudden, the unseen hand was seen by all. Compliance was in the forefront of the national spotlight, giving compliance experts a chance to show what we do everyday — strengthen the bonds between companies and customers. And that's exactly what I aim to do at Bond.

Bond is on the front lines in determining what the financial industry of tomorrow will look like. There's no better place to be when it comes to protecting customers and empowering businesses with stalwart compliance guidelines than where I am right now as Bond's Director of Compliance.

As the financial platform of tomorrow, Bond unites both banks and brands together on one platform. For me, this is like working at a busy intersection as opposed to a less-trafficked street. Ensuring compliance on Bond's platform, I have the chance to scale the impact of compliance massively, as opposed to ensuring compliance for one bank or one brand individually.

Working at Bond also means that we can democratize access to finance. So, the smaller bank that in the past might not have been able to launch a new financial product and participate in the market because they didn't have the capital or the resources of a top-five bank — that smaller bank can now launch that product and compete alongside financial leaders because they're building on the bedrock of Bond's compliance platform. They don't have to search for multiple compliance officers or hire an expensive network of auditors; they can ensure that they're compliant by themselves on Bond's platform.

As Bond continues to grow, I'm excited to see how our compliance standards scale across our customer base to empower brands and banks as well as protect customers. Compliance isn't just a series of rules to be followed. It's a practice of good habits that, at scale, can help shape the financial industry of tomorrow.

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