Why I Joined Bond: Harsha Krishnappa

Why I Joined Bond: Harsha Krishnappa

I have been in financial services most of my career and, in that time, I’ve seen the industry evolve considerably. I opened my first checking account and credit card in college; applications were paper based, online access did not exist, and innovation was the ability to withdraw funds from an ATM instead of through a bank teller. We have come a long way since then to the mobile, digital first enrollment experiences of today.

As far as we’ve come, we are still early in delivering customer-centric financial products. This is a transformational moment for not only financial technology but myself, as well, as I am excited to announce that I have joined Bond as Head of Technology Partnerships.

Before Bond, I worked with financial products and payments in positions at Citigroup, Visa, and Poynt. At Visa, I built a strategic partnerships team and extended network payment capabilities to new platforms like Amazon, PayPal, Samsung, and Stripe. This required building a service that partners could consume. Networks and processors that operate at tremendous global scale can find it challenging to directly enable broad access to their platforms. At Poynt, a smart payment terminal provider, I saw similar issues connecting to payments infrastructure. Local certification requirements, integration into multiple processing platforms, and other hurdles added complexity and delays.

Launching new financial products and services is complex and time consuming. With commercials, compliance and technical integration, it can easily take 18 to 24 months to get a product to market launch. These built-in barriers to entry limit the ability to innovate in response to changing market dynamics, much like we’re experiencing today.

When I met the founding team at Bond, I was impressed by their vision of abstracting the components that create obstacles for many. I look forward to bringing my experience and relationships with technology partners to accelerate Bond’s platform, which delivers on the promise to democratize access to financial products, by enabling turnkey compliance, customer onboarding and processing. We are solving a fundamental need of the market. When we take these steps out of the equation, while guaranteeing ease of integration and peak performance, we’re not just helping fintechs and brands get to market faster and more cost effectively — we are empowering them to be laser focused on serving their customers and creating amazing experiences.

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