Why I Joined Bond: Eran Karoly

Why I Joined Bond: Eran Karoly

Flight can teach us a lot about finance, risk management and building a financial platform.

Whether you are the thrill-seeker, craning your neck to peer out the window at the earth below, or you grip the armrest and turn up the soothing playlist on your noise-cancelling headphones, we all interpret the same experience in very different ways: Trying to control it or trying to elevate it.

That’s not the same for the pilot sitting in the cockpit; they aren’t looking to change the experience of flying. The only things they care about are safety and following a well-documented, robust process that reduces risk from takeoff to landing.

Building new financial products is a lot like flight. We know we're taking on risk by launching a new financial product or hopping on a plane, but that risk is worth it to get where we're going.

As both a certified private pilot and Bond's Head of Customer Operations, you could say I have a passion for processes that serve customers and reduce risk. I'm incredibly excited to join Bond to build a platform that brands and banks can use to help their customers safely fly a little better, faster, and higher than before.

I started my career as the second hire at Tipalti, an accounts payable and cross-border payments solution, where I did everything from closing the company's first 12 customers, to building the back office operations and the payments processing system, to onboarding customers to the platform. Eventually, that led me to become the company’s COO.

While some might view taking on those various responsibilities as trying on different job titles or bouncing around the org chart, I believe that a deep understanding of every aspect of the business is essential to building a more efficient and more secure platform for our customers.

Running a financial platform is both an art and a science. It's defined by tiny details, but built to serve customers at levels of incredible scale and complexity. Every decision you make counts, so it's paramount to understand how your decisions impact the platform and your customers.

If you're not familiar with the ins and outs of the business, how can you expect to serve customers well? Gaining tangible experience across the organization was essential for me to be able to both build teams and manage them well.

I enjoy rolling up my sleeves and doing the work alongside teams I manage, not just sitting back from afar and checking in every once and a while. My goal is always to hire people that could replace me and mentor them to rise to that level. What's most important in building a platform designed for customer success isn't just the person occupying the role but the system in place to protect customers and make them successful. In the financial industry, one tried and true system is the checklist.
There's a reason that we have KYC and KYB checklists here at Bond and throughout the financial industry. That process, however laborious some might think it is, is battle-tested and proven to work.

It's a representation of how the financial industry has collectively taken a series of siloed manual processes and put them on paper so they're easy to track and easy to follow. Instead of hoping we'll find any potential risk scattered across an organization, we collect any potential area of risk and examine it all in one place in a transparent process.

To me, this is a lot like a pilot's checklist. Every time I fly, I go through the same checklist I've seen a thousand times making sure that everything is in order. Is this because I love a good process? Sure. But, it's also because checklists have proven to be the most effective to manage risk when flying.

At Bond, we're building a platform that gives brands and banks the level of security and risk-mitigation they need while also acting as a launch pad for the future of finance. I'm incredibly excited to help Bond's customers on their journey.

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