Why I Joined Bond: Arlene Dzurnak

Why I Joined Bond: Arlene Dzurnak

Over the past 25 years, I’ve worked in the financial services industry holding various leadership positions in compliance, risk management and audit. During that time, I’ve seen antiquated business models stifle growth and innovation while not fully reaching the underserved communities in which they operate.

Enter the new era of financial services — where technology companies are thriving by building  creative solutions that are simple, easily accessible, customer driven and provide full transparency into the financial products and services that they offer. More and more fintech companies and digital brands are putting the customer first by offering products and services with no fees, allowing customers to split payments for their purchases into low monthly installments and even financial management tools. 

At Bond, we are building a compliant, customer-first platform from the ground up and that's exactly why I'm so excited to join as Chief Compliance Officer. Bond makes compliance a part of everything we do, not just something required by regulators. When compliance is viewed through this lens, it becomes an asset to your organization, the products being built and ultimately the customers being served.  

It's built into the way we construct our backend systems of record, the way we process API requests, as well as Bond’s innovative compliance solutions and capabilities that will facilitate brands and banks to safely and soundly manage compliance. 

Helping customers, brands and banks work together securely, seamlessly and at scale results in an infrastructure that ensures customer loyalty and trust, streamlines business processes and meets regulatory requirements. It's a hallmark of what fintech represents to me — a transformative wave that disrupts the old way of banking and financial services.

The foundation of compliance that we're building at Bond can change the lives of the customers that our banks and brands serve. It gives banks the ability to innovate and scale without the overhead of opening more physical locations while giving brands the ability to reach customers across all communities in partnership with banks.

I'm incredibly excited to build this platform to enable a new world of possibilities!

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