Why I Joined Bond: Annette Faynburd

Why I Joined Bond: Annette Faynburd

There is a certain type of challenge I've chased throughout my career. How can you change the way an entire industry does business by first focusing on a single customer experience? How can you use technology to accelerate that change?

Entering J.P. Morgan's Treasury Services division out of college, I learned how to solve problems at scale as I helped global Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and startups manage everything from their liquidity, to payments and receivables.

Our clients typically relied on reports and web portals from multiple banks just to get a unified view of their cash positions. Their Treasury departments would have to make several stops to assemble a snapshot of their finances. Despite these challenges, they were eager to partner with us on innovative new products. 

On the Open Banking and API team, I joined a small, scrappy group dedicated to simplifying connectivity and enabling real-time access to customers' bank data. We functioned like a startup within the larger bank, thinking about how to streamline our clients' experiences and cut down on their digital commute time. To do just that, we harnessed the power of APIs. 

Using APIs, clients could embed all of their data and payments within their own applications or third-party software. Treasurers were spared tedious reconciliation tasks. By building a better customer experience on a bedrock of APIs, we enabled clients to focus on what was most important — running their business.

I saw that fintech could enable anything from giving clients control of their finances to ensuring a firefighter who had lost his home in a wildfire could receive much-needed payments while getting his family back on its feet. Using an email-based payout product, I helped develop Corporate Quick Pay; we empowered companies like California Casualty, who provide and pay insurance to frontline workers immediately. 

While that firefighter in Santa Barbara county who lost his home might not see the code that powers Corporate Quick Pay, he could still feel the tangible impact of instant payments. Pursuing that ability to touch people's lives by combining the power of technology and a customer-first mentality is what brought me to Bond.

When I heard about Bond, I was immediately drawn to the idea of driving financial inclusion and helping banks and brands partner in ways they never could before. The founding team’s vision, energy, and experience solving complex problems made my decision to join a no-brainer. I wanted to learn from a passionate group of leaders.

At Bond, I'll focus on crafting the APIs that can remove complexity and power awesome banking offerings for brands, while building a world-class developer experience. Bond is determined to challenge the status quo and transform the future of fintech and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the journey.

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