From Rock Bottom to Forbes: How Qoins is Helping Americans Tackle Debt


Atlanta-based Qoins focuses on tackling that four-letter word that can change people’s lives: DEBT. Qoins seeks to educate people about their finances so they can start healthy financial habits, all on a community-like platform. Together, Qoins helps people climb out of debt with every swipe of their credit card, while reducing stress and helping users focus on what matters most to them.


Qoins co-founders, Christian Zimmerman and Nate Washington, Jr., both know what it’s like to hit rock bottom. Serious student debt crippled Christian and Nate was in debt and homeless. After the two met in Atlanta, they realized that there were a lot of platforms that talk about building wealth but little to none offering financial literacy solutions and helping people out of debt. So they set out to build it themselves.

“Looking back on all the mistakes we made with our money, we wanted to make sure others didn’t fall into the same cycle of debt without a strategy to climb out,” said Christian. “We built Qoins to provide people with guides to help explain the groundwork and navigate to their financial goals. This would have been monumental for us when we were scrambling.”

Societally, we (un)comfortably take on debt, assuming that that’s what everyone does to have things. We think, “That’s what I have to do, too, right?” Not necessarily. Qoins believes that if you lay the financial building blocks to create positive changes and good habits, it will pay dividends in the long run.

Qoins partnered with Bond to create the Qoins debit card, helping people achieve their financial goals — whether that be paying down their student loans, credit card debt, or a mortgage. “When people are financially healthy, comfortable and confident, we create more opportunities for more communities and that leads to a better future for everyone,” says Bond CEO and Co-founder, Roy Ng. “

“We know the struggles; we’ve been there. We wanted to offer a real platform that tackled a real problem that is eating our communities,” Christian explained. “If we didn’t build Qoins, no one would have. And we are the best ones to do so because we’ve walked those same crushing miles in those same shoes.”


Every bit of debit you pay off feels like a weight off your shoulders. But, ridding yourself of that debt takes time, work, and diligence. Qoins helps automate that process so you can scale your debt down consistently and easily. Seeing debt balances dwindle down to $0 on what was once thought as insurmountable makes you want to shout it from the rooftops. With Qoins, you can reach that rooftop quicker.

The first step to understanding financial health is to organize all of debts and financial goals into one easy to track place. Qoins customers can see their full debt picture as well as track their total progress over time. Instead of spending valuable time and energy monitoring separate accounts, all with separate logins, and trying to get a sense of their debt, Qoins makes that easy for them. All you need is the Qoins app.

Customers can also bring along their own personal support systems on their journey in the form  of friends and family to help them reach their financial goals. Instead of asking for those new Jordans for Christmas, ask for a contribution to your student loan. This opens up the conversation around financial habits and wellness that also keeps you accountable to your milestones.

Along the way, people create healthy financial habits that they can take with them into other financial areas: Finally putting some money aside for the emergency fund you were always talking about making, investing some savings into the market to build their wealth, or tips to bump their credit score. Comfort in each of these areas builds confidence in daily interactions giving ease of mind and manifests positivity about what the future looks like. This gives you more mental space back from worrying about your money.


Before Qoins built with Bond, you linked your debt accounts and they made additional, frequent payments for you. Now, they create a bank account for you so you can still do the debt payments but you can also use them as your primary bank to get even more benefits. Along with the bank account, you get a debit card attached. You can also create as many accounts as you need to reach your savings or debt goals. You can save money and make pre-arranged payments (eg to pay down debt) or you can just do one of those tasks. Transactions can be processed directly from each account.