Texas based FloatMe runs a mobile app that offers advances on earned income. The app is designed to help users avoid overdraft fees and other costly fees associated with short-term financial needs. With the FloatMe app, users can connect their bank accounts and receive cash advances on their earned income along with other services such as real-time notifications and alerts to help users manage their finances and avoid overspending. To monetize, FloatMe offers a subscription service that includes additional features, such as automatic advances and overdraft protection.

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Secured Credit Card
Credit Bureau Reporting
Deposit Accounts


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The Challenge

Even though Floatme had a great product that their users loved and a way to monetize that product market fit, they wanted to deepen their engagement with their customers by offering something they truly needed: a way to improve other aspects of their financial life, namely their credit.

The challenge was determining the best way to get this done. Building it themselves was possible, but would mean enduring the complexities of program management, regulatory compliance, and several onerous integrations with a bank, processor, and facing a steep learning curve for something for which they had no experience.

When FloatMe decided to launch a credit builder card, we thought our only option was to build it ourselves from scratch. I’m glad we found Bond. Bond’s integrated solution will get us to market faster, at a lower cost, and with a smaller team. It was a no-brainer to select Bond

- Imad Ahmed, Chief Revenue Officer

The Solution

For some time now bond has recognized that debit cards offer little added value to users and even less in the way of revenue for brands that offer these debit cards. Secondly, there are 57 million Americans who are credit-invisible or who have subprime scores and want a path to build their credit. In order to address both needs simultaneously, Bond developed its Credit Builder Card, a high-revenue alternative to a traditional debit card that’s uniquely differentiated by its ability to help users improve their credit.

Bond is fully aware that modern companies need to get their products to market on schedule and navigating the regulatory complexities of financial product can be a major roadblock. That’s why Bond and its customers love our turnkey approach to launching financial products such as our Credit Builder Card.

With minimal disruption to your business, Bond can work with you to launch your own card in a few months compared to timelines that can span years if you attempt to put together the product yourself.

The Approach

Working with Bond means so much more than integrating APIs and other technologies. When we partnered with FloatMe it was important that we understood all aspects of their vision and process and that our teams were in sync.. 

Bond’s implementation team worked closely with FloatMe to integrate the Credit Builder Card into their existing flow, but to also help them optimize key aspects such as onboarding new users and incentivization strategies.

Bond provided program management and took care of all the regulatory requirements to ensure that the program got bank approval and that it would remain in compliance.


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