Launch fully compliant products quickly and within the law

Bond is both your compliance team and your program manager, running KYC/KYB for you, monitoring transactions for fraud, and preventing and reporting suspicious activity

Our world-class compliance team is your world-class compliance team

Bond brought together industry veterns to build the embedded finance solution they wish they had at their former companies

Compliance + Program Management

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Program management

Get expert guidance and support to build, launch, and manage your program - from best practices to regulatory advice to audit assistance.

Quickstart kit

Bond’s quickstart kit includes policy templates for UDAAP, TILA, TISA, ECOA, GLBA, EFTA, FCRA, FACTA, FDCPA, and other critical compliance areas


Our compliance team creates and monitors your KYC/KYB rules and manages the exceptions, freeing you up to focus on other tasks

Risk management

Bond’s compliance program automatically flags accounts that are suspicious and blocks or freezes them on your behalf

Fraud prevention and monitoring

Bond’s team works for you to set fraud rules, prevent fraud, and mitigate any fraud that might occur

Support for Customer Operations

Bond acts as a second line for your Customer Support escalations, relieving your team of that burden

Disclosures and legalese

Bond gives you all the relevant disclosures and documents you need to comply with all federal, state, and local laws


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Security Speed

Prototype your idea quickly while building your compliance processes in parallel


Strengthen collaboration between Brands and sponsor Banks


Boost efficiency through automated task management, recommendations, and reminders


Verify your fintech customers and their associated beneficial owners using our automated, non-documentary KYB/KYC process


Create transaction monitoring rules and document potential suspicious activity

The perfect blend of technology and expertise

Experience you can rely on
Full suite of financial products
All-in-one API platform
Award-winning technology
Bank-grade security
Full-service program management

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