Why I Joined Bond: Ravi Singhvi

Ravi Singhvi
Date Published
August 11, 2021
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Ravi Singhvi, Head of Credit Products, shares why he joined Bond.

BaaS (Banking-as-a-Service) will drive more innovation in consumer and small-business financial services in the next two years than we have observed in the past twenty years! At Bond, my colleagues and I will not simply have a front-row seat experiencing it – we will be driving it.  That's why I'm so excited to join Bond and help build the future of fintech.

I’ll be heading Bond’s Credit products portfolio, responsible for creating innovative ways for individuals and small businesses to borrow money at reasonable interest rates, in a dignified manner, through a seamless experience, devoid of fine print gotchas.  And this will all be complete with partners and businesses that borrowers know and trust.

The sheer opportunity to reimagine how credit and lending services can be tailor-made, how risk can be evaluated, how access to credit can be improved – while surrounded by smart, passionate, seasoned-yet-curious-minded – is what attracted me to Bond.

Reimagining How Credit Services are Crafted and Offered
Spending more than a decade at large, money-center European and US banks, I got to see first-hand how a borrower is engaged, evaluated, quantified, acquired.  As individuals or as entrepreneurs, we have all experienced how the lender-borrower interaction can be rather impersonal and limiting.  Borrowers can be classified into a handful of segments and sold a very similar product.
At Bond, I will get the opportunity to work with brands and their customers who are more deeply coupled than traditional banking affords.  I see my role first as that of a storyteller and only then a problem solver.  I'm responsible for leveraging a brand’s proprietary data and unique customer insights alongside Bond’s self-learning, quantitative models to weave a compelling and holistic picture of the borrower.  This deeper, intimate understanding of the borrower will allow me to uncover underserved profiles and improve access to credit.  I am excited by the prospect of replacing an impersonal experience with an approach that is customer-focused and brand-led.

An Inclusive Access to Credit
A lender’s credit policy is very prescriptive and rigid.  It's essentially a set of principles defining who the lender will lend to, for how long, and at what interest rate.  At Bond, by structuring the right cohort of capital providers from insurers and reinsurers, to pension funds, hedge funds, and other asset managers, we will enable a credit policy that is more robust, expansive, and most importantly inclusive.  This will allow Bond to craft products for borrowers across the credit spectrum, including those with a limited credit profile or a smudged one.

Seasoned Leadership
With support from a seasoned leadership and early backing from marquee names in their respective fields of venture capital, angel investing, payment-providers, and banks, I find the challenge at Bond not only stimulating but also attainable.  I look forward to leveraging my prior experiences across consumer credit, structured products, payments, and collateralized lending to make this a reality.

If you are the curious sort, eager to improve the financial journeys of how one saves, spends, and borrows – we would like to hear from you.