Why I Joined Bond: Laura Kane

Laura Kane
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September 8, 2021
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I realized I wanted to be a revenue generator for whatever company I worked for, so I made the switch from law to sales and have never looked back. That decision launched my career in fintech and helped me unlock the vast rewards and growth of working in this industry. 

Early on in my career, I learned two key lessons:

1. Getting flowers is not always a good thing.

2. Switching from legal to sales is one of the best decisions I ever made.

In the early 2000’s, when fintech was not quite “fintech” yet, I was VP of Business Development at GE Capital. While finalizing a major electronics retailer's financing deal on-site, I spent a week essentially locked in a conference room bringing the deal to fruition alongside our sales executive.

After countless hours negotiating that deal, the partnership was finally signed. It was an industry-defining deal; the sales rep walked away with a million dollar commission. 

I got flowers. 

At that moment, I realized I wanted to be a revenue generator for whatever company I worked for, so I made the switch from law to sales and have never looked back. That decision launched my career in fintech and helped me unlock the vast rewards and growth of working in this industry. 

Spoiler alert — they're not flowers.  

Five years later, I would find myself building out a world class fintech sales team at PayPal and launching over $2B in processing volume. I'd also go on to lead sales organizations selling directly into Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Target, Walmart and many others. It all started with that switch to sales. 

The Opportunity Ahead at Bond 

Now, I'm incredibly excited to join Bond as their first Chief Sales Officer. Throughout my career, I've seen that the true power of fintech is not in one product but in an ecosystem. Bond's purpose-built fintech ecosystem gives banks, consumer-facing brands, and SaaS companies of all kinds the freedom to build the financial solutions they've been dreaming of.

This not only makes innovation easier, but it makes innovation more accessible. Democratizing fintech isn't just good business, it's good for every business. Now, businesses with underbanked or underserved customers have the same power to launch new products as massive companies. 

My goal is to make Bond's fintech platform so ubiquitous that it becomes the go-to way for banks and brands to create new financial products. Working with a legacy financial institution and working 12-18 months to launch a product will be seen as an antiquated tradition. 

Fintech changes the way we operate. When we split a check with friends, we don't line up for an ATM anymore; we split the bill using our phones and fintech-powered apps like Venmo. When businesses see a new opportunity to craft a financial solution, they won't have to wait to build. They can get started immediately with Bond. 

Don't Fear Fintech Infrastructure

Now, the possibility and promise of fintech isn't limited to a few industry experts as it was decades ago. We can all see it in action in the way we shop, trade stocks, or manage our expenses. But, it can still be scary to peek behind the fintech curtain. I learned that firsthand at PayPal as Head of Enterprise Sales and Market Expansion for North America.  

At PayPal, my job was to lead the sales team in driving revenue and launching new vertical markets. On one project, I worked closely with PayPal's engineers to make changes to the stack to accommodate a new market and I quickly saw that the stack's fintech infrastructure was held together with duct tape and bubble gum. 

The legacy fintech systems that even iconic fintech companies like PayPal were forced to rely on were brittle and inflexible — there simply weren't other reliable options available. Bond is changing this paradigm. 

Fine-tuning your fintech stack shouldn't be something engineers fear. It should be something they look forward to. And sales teams should trust in that stack when they go out and sell products. Using Bond, they can do that more confidently on a platform that prioritizes compliance, flexibility, and transparency.  

Building the Absolute Best Sales Team

So, how does Bond make the most of this massive opportunity in fintech? To put it simply, we build the best sales team around to share with the world what Bond is all about. 

We hire the best talent, pulling from a diverse skill set and bringing together a unique blend of experience and opinions. Then, we find where each team member's strong suits are. 

One salesperson might excel in launching new verticals and finding the keys to success in that area; another might be more process oriented and focus less on on-the-ground sales and more on the sales cadence or rhythm of our organization. In either case, it's the unique combination of talent that makes a sales team productive. Using this model, coupled with my philosophy that the best sales leaders are those that focus on clearing away any clutter and giving their sales team the ability and tools to sell to the best of their ability with minimal interference and no micro management, I quickly increased both the deal size and signings by 300% YoY at PayPal. 

As a first priority, I am building a customer-first team that demonstrates empathy for customers, operates flexibly and transparently, is collaborative and works with a sense of urgency and is well compensated for that work. When we do all of that right, we build a world-class sales organization and a win-win environment for Bond, our customers and our teammates.

The Future at Bond 

At Bond, I see an opportunity that's wholly unique in my career. Instead of selling one spoke in the wheel of fintech, we're selling the whole wheel — a total solution. 

We have the ability to empower companies to build the financial services and launch the financial products they want to offer to their customers without having to build it from scratch or make concessions when plugging their infrastructure into a legacy bank's software.

We are truly in a greenfield market when it comes to what banks and brands can build and what sectors of the industry we can reach. Whether you're a company like Apple that's already investing in fintech capabilities, or a vertical SaaS company that wants to launch a credit card to serve their customers, Bond can help.

I'm incredibly excited about the opportunity to build a world class sales organization with world class products from the ground up. When I saw our product in action for the first time, I immediately knew the team at Bond were winners.

We will change the face of fintech; we are the future of fintech.

If you'd like to chat about fintech, joining Bond's sales team, or anything in between, shoot me an email: